Daniel Stephens - Technical Director at Gameloft

“Tony is one of those big gun type programmers. You know the ones - They can find memory when it is most needed, or solve that fatal crash that only occurs once in a blue moon…”

The current generation consoles are incredibly complex machines and time constraints often mean that programmers have barely enough time to implement a feature set let alone optimise it. This means that programmers usually only gain a rudimentary understanding of the finer points of optimisation and the hardware that your code runs on.

Overbyte specialises in understanding how the console hardware works and can help your programmers to understand it too, and thereby utilise it more efficiently for better performance.

Tony Albrecht has years of experience in speaking at conferences and teaching programmers highly technical skills. He has trained students at universities, taught programmers from many studios around Australia and New Zealand and presented Master classes in Paris and Shanghai.

Serious. Game. Performance.