Game Development

David Howell – Technical Director at THQ Australia

“…. Tony's work at StudioOz resulted in changes that reclaimed over 10ms of frame time (of 33ms) and at least 15Mb of precious system memory!”

Overbyte’s team has an extensive background in the gaming industry, built from industry veterans who have worked on numerous AAA titles on a range of platforms. This experience translates to rapid, robust results in customised game programming, optimisation, game porting and technical problem solving.

Our programmers have extensive experience with many different game engines, both in -house as well as the leading Middleware engines. Years of experience with diverse engines means that they can pick up your code base and be productive sooner. Intimate with the common performance pitfalls with game development practices as well as their solutions, the generated code is efficient and robust right from the start. Additionally, Overbyte can help you parallelise your game systems to efficiently use all available hardware resources.

If you’re struggling to meet that deadline and need experienced coders that can hit the ground running with your codebase, then Overbyte is the team for you.

Our range of services have been specifically developed and tailored to the gaming industry and include:

  • Code Audits
  • Game Performance Optimization
  • Game Porting – PS3, PS Vita and iOS
  • Code Optimization Tools – PS3, PS Vita, iOS, and PC
  • Independent Game Development
  • Prototyping game ideas
  • Contract and Outsourced Game Development - PS3, PS Vita and iOS
  • Training:
    • Game Optimization and profiling
    • Best practice coding standards
    • PS3 Development Tools

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