Application & Data

David Howell – Technical Director at THQ Australia

“…. Tony's work at StudioOz resulted in changes that reclaimed over 10ms of frame time (of 33ms) and at least 15Mb of precious system memory!”

Overbyte’s Application and Data Services has evolved based on market demand for managing larger volumes of complex digital data across a wide range of application environments, including Cloud-based, Distributed and Parallel solutions.

Overbyte’s expertise in code and capability in managing large amounts of data has been combined to deliver services that allow customers to manage their digital data and report it in a relevant and effective manner.

Our leading edge services include:

  • Multimedia & Educational Development
  • 3D visualization and fly-through
  • Data visualization
  • Multi-media induction programs
  • Report customization
  • Organisational and data security
  • Application design and development
  • Application support

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