David Hewitt - Game Design Manager at Sony Santa Monica

“…Tony truly "gets" games, so he'll give you the result that makes the game better - not just the one that's technically elegant…”

Overbyte is focused on providing flexible solutions for clients that are tailored to deliver the desired outcome.

Whether you need your code audited or a complete game built from scratch, we have the capabilities to deliver.  Our team has global experience across both ‘Triple A’ titles as well as smaller ‘Independent’ games.  Overbyte is a company that cares about the performance of your game.

Code Performance Audits

Overbyte’s optimization programming skills are amongst the best in the industry. We can take your running game and deliver a detailed analysis of it, highlighting key performance issues as well as possible solutions. We specialise in PS3 hardware, but can offer the same services for other leading platforms. We also offer our services to implement those solutions for you.

Code Performance Optimization

Whether you've just had one of our audits or have problems with your frame rate, we can help you.  Overbyte offers the expertise to take your game and squeeze the most out of it, giving you that rock solid framerate you need.

We can provide you measurable improvements in frame rates, AI, physics, rendering, algorithms, code, and any bottleneck that you are experiencing.  We can come in at any point in your development process, whether it is ‘early and preventative’ or ‘late and critical’.  We WILL find and fix it with extreme prejudice.

Game Porting

We can take your PC game and port it to the platform of your choice. Whether it’s a 3rd party engine or your own, we can take a look at it and let you know what's involved in moving it to other platforms and give you a quote on the work involved.

Most developers do not have the skills in their core team to undertake the game porting process with a degree of comfort and certainty.  Our team has that experience and can achieve the outcome you require – we understand the technology, budgets, timeframes and submission and certification process – most importantly we will know your game as good as you do.

Code Optimization Tools

Overbyte has had to build a lot of its own profiling tools over the years, and we're looking eventually marketing those. If you're interested we can integrate them with your own codebase or build something suited for your particular system.

Game Development

So you have an idea for the next big game and you need a team of experienced developers to make it a reality? Overbyte can put together a prototype for you or even build the entire game – we can even handle all aspects of development, not just programming but art, design and audio.


Do you want your junior and mid-level programmer's to understand the performance impact of the code they are writing? Do your seniors need a brush up on the finer points of parallelisation, SIMD code and cache coherency?  Overbyte's head programmer, Tony Albrecht, has taught Masterclasses on programming optimisation in countries all over the world for over a decade. We can customise a training session to suit your needs and even do it with your codebase.

General Game Programming

Do you need an extra experienced programming resource for a particularly complex and important system but don't want a full time veteran on the payroll? Are you nearing an important milestone and need just a little help to get it over the line? We have experienced programmers that have worked on a wide variety of engines, and we can get up to speed quickly with your code and help you do what you need in the time you have available. We love a challenge.

Multimedia & Educational Development

We provide development services for multimedia and educational requirements.   Our multidisciplinary team allows us to provide exceptional development capability that can be focused across a range of areas.  We have provided these services for multimedia advertising, educational games, educational media and multimedia training.

Data visualization

The world of data management is changing rapidly.  Data is being captured and reported at a faster rate than ever before and one of the key challenges is how to best represent that data in a human centric (friendly) and functional way.  We specialize in taking any form of data and developing an efficient and human focused visualization method.  Our cross-disciplinary team allows us to excel at this approach, and our experience in optimising game data to the millisecond, allows us to manage any data at any speed.

Multi-media induction programs

Multi-media Induction and Training programs are essential and critical to many industries.  Unfortunately they are generally very ‘dry’ and ‘conventional’.  Let us create an exceptional multimedia induction and training program for your business that is both functional and entertaining.   The experience between our team crosses both business software as well as games development – this is the perfect combination which allows us to create an interesting but practical multi-media induction or training package.  ‘It should not just be about check-boxes and multiple-choice question”

Application design and development

Overbytes team also has a ‘ton’ of experience in developing business applications for more traditional markets using the cutting edge skills and ‘smarts’ we have developed in gaming and entertainment projects.  Our team consists of both a mix ‘gaming’ developers as well as business application developers – the combined experience lets us be extremely flexible and diverse in our approach.

Application support

We have supported a variety of applications for our customers in both the gaming and traditional business application environments.  Essentially you can get our expertise on an ‘as need’ basis and pay for what you need.  If its broken we can fix it.  If you cannot find someone to support your existing application or game, then we most likely can.

Serious. Game. Performance.