Daniel Stephens - Technical Director at Gameloft

“Tony is one of those big gun type programmers. You know the ones - They can find memory when it is most needed, or solve that fatal crash that only occurs once in a blue moon…”

Imagine that you have been writing engines for games for 15 years. Games that weren’t your ideas. What game would you write? We’re writing those games!

As well as providing game development and interactive multimedia services to other companies, Overbyte is pursuing the development of its own game titles both as a solo venture as well as in strategic partnerships with other like minded game development companies.

We are proud to be working with Monkeystack on a few titles including Double Happy vs The Infinite Sadness Series of Games – please show your support by voting on Greenlight through the link below.

Double Happy vs The Infinite Sadness

Monkey Stack - Greenlight

HOT OFF THE DIGITAL PRESS – we will be porting and releasing the highly successful VESSEL game onto the Playstation Network (PSN). This is in partnership with Strange Loop Games who have had great success with Vessel on Steam.



But wait…… there is more…. we have other exciting titles in development that we will be announcing shortly.

Serious. Game. Performance.